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Have plans to make the most of your holiday money? Instead of picking from local rates, you benefit from competitive online exchange rates when you choose CurrencyMAX. We help you to maximise your money wherever you’re travelling, from exchanging Euros to picking up USD for that next big trip. Our wide selection of currencies and commitment to excellent prices means you get the currency you want, at the rate you prefer.

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At CurrencyMAX, we take pride in offering excellent rates across a wide range of different currencies. With more than 20 currencies available to you, it’s easy to find one or more currencies at competitive rates delivered directly to your door, leaving you with more cash for your next adventure. From Australian Dollars to Hungarian Forint, our wide selection makes it easy to pick and choose the right currency in one, handy location. Are you going to multiple places? Our excellent exchange rates mean you’re always getting the best deal. No need to stress about shopping around.

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A stress-free holiday is the goal – and we help you to achieve that with reliable, competitive exchange rates that you can trust. Our knowledgeable and friendly team keeps up with the latest rates and trends to ensure you receive the correct amount for your money, with far better exchange rates than the average high-street business. We take the stress out of currency so you can enjoy your holiday even more.

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Need currency today? Order online now to view our exchange rates for various international currencies, including the New Zealand Dollar exchange, Thai Bhat currency exchange and more. If you have any questions, our friendly team is here to help.

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